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Medicine Tracking System

Innovative IT solution for pharmaceutical wholesalers, hospitals and pharmacies to accomplish FMD requirements

MedTracS is a software solution to perform the verification and decommissioning of medicines as part of serialisation of medicines in the European Union.

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Why is FMD important?

You cannot distribute prescription medicines in the EU if you do not fulfil requirements of the EU Falsified Medicines Directive (FMD) regulation!

From 09 February 2019, the European Union introduced a special system for the verification of medicines.

The FMD regulation affects all entities involved in the manufacturing, distribution, and sale of prescription medicines.

Apart from all pharmaceutical producers, every pharmaceutical wholesaler, public and private hospital, and pharmacy needs to adopt the FMD regulation, otherwise their pharmaceutical licenses may be suspended or withdrawn.

Fulfilling the FMD regulation is not as complicated as it might seem at first. For us it is important that patients are getting their medicines from proper sources. Therefore we take the burden of medicine serialisation tasks off the shoulders of our clients.

Trust us and let us help you meet your requirements simply, quickly and cost-effectively.

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MedTracS to fight counterfeit medicines

With MedTracS you can connect to the National Medicines Verification System (NMVS) in your country.

Using MedTracS you can easily perform all the necessary FMD transactions and your company will be fully FMD compliant, regardless of your existing business processes and your company’s IT systems.

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Innovative solutions

Scan 100 barcodes in 5 seconds

It is possible with MedTracS LayerScan function

We pay special attention to client satisfaction. Therefore, we don’t just aim for the required minimum but rather develop innovative solutions which really speed up and facilitate processes and operations.

Just a few examples:

MedTracS LayerScan

Additional benefits of MedTracS

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Reliable and stable

Our clients' activities are of critical importance, which is why we made sure that MedTracS operates 24/7 and can receive and process very large amounts of data


MedTracS can be used by large, medium and small enterprises and organisations, for the simultaneous use from a few to several tens or more than hundred terminals

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Compliance with requirements

MedTracS received its obligatory certification during the official testing and validation processes, so using MedTracS ensures you will comply with national and European Union FMD regulations

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MedTracS can work on your current devices

You don't need a fast Internet connection or a top of the line device since the actual processing is done on our dedicated server and not on your device.

Recommended for

We recommend MedTracS to any pharmaceutical company and entity involved in the distribution of medicines.

Pharmaceutical wholesalers

Pharmaceutical wholesalers

MedTracS is a high quality, comprehensive and effective solution for pharmaceutical wholesalers to handle all FMD obligations.


Public and private hospitals

MedTracS is a dedicated FMD solution for any hospital, taking into consideration the specifics of medication management and pharmaceutical logistics processes.



MedTracS is a simple and effective solution that ensures full FMD compliance for a single pharmacy or a chain of pharmacies.


What our clients said about MedTracS


Why choose us?

Just a few of the many reasons why we are your ideal partner if you need pharmaceutical software and solutions.

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30+ years of experience

We developed and continue innovating our system based on our 30+ years of experience in the field of pharmaceutical logistics, by taking part in a number of various, complex projects.

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We provide a dedicated client manager

Our clients can always count on us. They never feel that they are left on their own with their problems thanks to our dedicated client managers who help, support, and assist our clients.

icon flexibility

We respond quickly and flexibly to client needs and market challenges, and ensure that we keep track of changes in the regulatory environment.

We believe in long-term cooperation

We develop long-term cooperation with our clients and we are proud to have been working with some clients for more than 20 years.

See for yourself just how easy it is to comply with FMD requirements!

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