Ideal system and software solution enabling FMD readiness for pharmaceutical wholesalers, hospitals and pharmacies

  From 09 February 2019, a new regulation on tracking prescription medicines is coming into force in European Union (Falsified Medicines Directive or FMD in short) and is mandatory for all EU members.

This new legislation affects all entities involved in the provision and distribution of prescription medicines. Apart from all pharmaceutical manufacturers, every pharmaceutical wholesaler, hospital and pharmacy needs to adopt the new FMD regulation.

  What are the risks of not getting ready and being compliant from 09 February 2019?

If you are a pharmaceutical wholesaler or pharmacy, you risk that your company may go out of business. If you are a hospital, you will not be able to dispense prescription medicines and treat your patients.

Pharmaceutical wholesalers, hospitals and pharmacies lack a general solution fully complying with the new FMD regulation.


MedTracS is a software to perform the verification and decommission of medicine packs as part of serialization of medicines in the whole EU.

MedTracS is a general software solution designed specifically for pharmaceutical wholesalers, hospitals and pharmacies, using our 30-year deep expertise and know how in developing and delivering complex software solutions to pharmaceutical wholesalers and pharmaceutical logistics companies.

MedTracS is available for anybody in the market as well as our existing pharmaceutical clients. We created MedTracS as a modern, high quality system, working as a cloud-based service.

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MedTracS will enable you to connect to the National Medicine Verification System (NMVS) in your respective country and allow you to perform all different types of FMD transactions and operations according to your business processes and operational set up in a smooth and efficient way.

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Using MedTracS you will easily perform all your necessary FMD transactions and become fully FMD compliant, independent from your existing operational and system set up.

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You can use MedTracS in two ways, using smartphones with Android or iOS and Internet access or computers connected to your existing or new scanners, allowing you to scan the new 2-dimensional codes on medicine packages (so called Data Matrix Codes). Of course you can use both solutions at the same time.

Scanners and hardware configurations

MedTracS works with various types of scanning devices and various hardware configurations.

We are partner of Zebra – leading global provider of innovative scanning technology.


Wired, wireless, mobile scanning computers, vertical, smartphones

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Zebra DS2208

Wired scanner

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DataLogic Gryphon GD4590

Wired scanner

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Zebra DS2278

Wireless scanner

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Zebra TC25

Mobile scanning computer

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Zebra MC3300

Mobile scanning computer

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Zebra DS7708

Vertical scanner

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Zebra DS9208

Vertical scanner

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MedTracS hardware configurations

  Wired scanner + PC or notebook
  Wireless scanner + PC, notebook, tablet (Windows or Android) or smartphone (Android)
  Mobile scanning computer (wi-fi or GSM LTE)
  Smartphone (wi-fi or GSM LTE)

MedTracS demo

We have prepared a short demo film for you to visualize how MedTracS operates and solves FMD requirements for our valued clients.



Do not wait ... get MedTracS now!

Now you can get MedTracS free of charge for the first month of usage. You can order, install and use MedTracS for the first month for free!

After the first month, if you decide to buy MedTracS for a longer period (min. 6 months), you will receive an attractive discount.

Client segments ... MedTracS can be used by Clients in all key pharmaceutical segments

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Pharmaceutical wholesalers

MedTracS  is a complete and comprehensive FMD solution which satisfies the specific logistical process needs and requirements for all types of pharmaceutical wholesalers.

 We created  MedTracS using our 30-year experience and competencies in developing and delivering complex warehouse software systems for leading pharmaceutical wholesalers.

Discover MedTracS for Pharmaceutical Wholesalers

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MedTracS is purpose designed FMD solution for all types of hospitals, taking into account specifics of medicines handling and pharmaceutical logistical processes in hospitals.

We created MedTracS for specific needs and requirements of hospitals levering our 30-year know how and best practices in pharmaceutical logistics.  

Discover MedTracS for Hospitals

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If you are a pharmacy,  MedTracS is a simple and effective solution which will take care of all FMD requirements for you. 

We developed  MedTracS based on the specific business needs of both small and large pharmacies or pharmacy networks, also using our 30-year deep expertise in pharmaceutical logistics.

Discover MedTracS for Pharmacies

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Why MedTracS?

   Specialized and modern FMD software solution

   Interfaces with National Medicine Verification Systems in respective countries based on Clients’ locations

   Individual and personal approach to Clients

   Continuous technological innovation - continuously supporting latest solutions based on market demands

   Customized to Client segments – developed based on specific business and legal requirements of pharmaceutical wholesalers, hospitals and pharmacies

   Regulatory compliance – built to perform all required FMD tasks and duties for Clients

   30-year expertise in the market of software solutions for pharmaceutical wholesalers and medicines logistics

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