Innovative MedTracS functions

MedTracS allows you to perform all the FMD tasks and transactions required by the regulations, but we wanted more. That’s why we developed solutions that make our customers’ work more efficient and convenient.

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Mass and very fast scanning of codes

The MedTracS LayerScan function enables you to scan large volumes of medicines very quickly and effortlessly.

Launch and use the LayerScan function to scan and process tens, hundreds and thousands of medicine packs in just seconds or minutes without having to scan each code one by one.

With the LayerScan function, you can quickly verify or decommission hundreds or thousands of medications, which increases efficiency, reduces scanning times, and simplifies and speeds up the work of staff.

Additional benefits

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Significantly reduces the time needed for large numbers of scans

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Significantly accelerates warehouse work

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Simple, reliable and time-saving

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Reads and processes tens of codes in seconds

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Saves tasks and manages alarms

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Reliable, number of medicines to be verified or decommissioned can specified in advance

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Developed for a large number of verifications and decommissions

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Increased speed reduces warehouse costs

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Efficiently handles verifications and decommissions on behalf of users

Works on mobile devices

Flexible, multiple type of devices can be used to scan codes

Stand-alone, flexible software solution

MedTracS system is a standalone software solution which can run on a variety of devices alongside any existing software, making it simple, efficient and flexible for small and large businesses alike.

With MedTracS, you can scan using

Medtracs devices
MedTracS Portal

Full system administration, easy access and comprehensive views of operational data

MedTracS Portal is an online service available via a web browser, which provides various benefits:

Using MedTracS Portal

MedTracS in a deposit warehouse

Performing verification and decommission based on assignment

Deposit warehouse management

Through the functions of the deposit warehouse, employees at a given division or warehouse can carry out verifications and decommissions on behalf of other companies. Thus, workers in the logistics centre can perform scanning on behalf of the manufacturers whose goods they are handling.

Employees of the division or warehouse can access the MedTracS Portal in order to create reports and queries on behalf of the given customer.

As a safety feature for the warehouse operator, each deposit client is displayed in a different colour in the MedTracS user interface, reducing the possibility of errors.

Deposit warehouse
Two-step decommission process

Elimination of decommission errors

Our primary aim in developing the two-step decommission process was to increase efficiency and reduce the risk of errors.

MedTracS enables two-step decommissions with appropriate settings of user rights.

MedTracS two-step decommission process works as follows:

Decommission process
Under development: Aggregated code scanning

Scan up to 1000 codes at a time

Preparing for the future!

Pharmaceutical manufacturers will soon introduce aggregated codes, where boxes or pallets are provided with an aggregated code that, when read, instantly scans the full contents of the package. This way up to a thousand medicines can be scanned with one action.

Based on our latest, ongoing development, we will be able to scan such aggregated codes, and as soon as this technology appears widely on the market, we will be among the first who will make this feature available.

See for yourself just how easy it is to comply with FMD requirements!

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