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MedTracS multicode layer scanning

We have prepared and offer our existing and new MedTracS clients a new innovative function of multicode layer scanning. Using a scanner, you can now scan and process hundred of datamatrix codes in just few seconds, without the need to scan each datamatrix code one by one. This way you can verify or decommission hundreds or thousands of medicine packs very fast, savings lots of work time and greatly increasing productivity in your pharmaceutical warehouse, hospital or pharmacy.

We have prepared a short demo film to show you how the MedTracS multicode layer scanning function operates and the benefits for you.

You can view the video below ...





MedTracS demo

We have prepared a short demo film for you to visualize how MedTracS operates and solves FMD requirements for our valued clients.

You can view the video below ...



MedTracS FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions about MedTracS.

MedTracS has been design primarily for 3 core segments: pharmaceutical wholesalers, hospitals and pharmacies. In these 3 segments, MedTracS can be used in companies / organizations of any different type, size and configuration. Generally, MedTracS can also be easily used for any other entity involved in the distribution of prescription medicines from manufacturers to patients, e.g. healthcare clinics or dispensing doctors. If your business or organization is outside of our 3 core segments, please contact us and we will check if MedTracS can solve your FMD needs.

Yes, MedTracS has been developed by us as certified FMD software suppliers. What’s more, MedTracS was tested and received necessary certification from the National Medicine Verification Organizations.

Yes, using MedTracS you will achieve full FMD compliance with the EU and country FMD regulations.

Yes, for pharmaceutical wholesalers, hospitals and pharmacies, MedTracS has full and complete functionality, covering all necessary transaction types to ensure correct processes to verify and decommission medicine packs.

Yes, you can install MedTracS on your existing notebook, desktop computers or smartphones with Android or iOS (older mobile phones are not suitable). However, please check and make sure that your smartphones, laptops and/or desktop computers connected to scanners, can perform scanning of the new 2-dimensional Data Matrix codes.

You will not need to buy any additional equipment, if your current equipment enables scanning the new 2-dimensional Data Matrix code. If you do not have such equipment or only partially, then you will need to consider purchasing it.

Yes, you can test and evaluate MedTracS for the first month after your registration free of charge. After the first month of free trial, you can continue using MedTracS by purchasing it for a selected period of time and in required full configuration based on your needs and preferences, so that your company / organization will fulfil all FMD requirements.

The minimum period you can purchase MedTracS is one month. However, we strongly encourage Clients to sign up for MedTracS for minimum periods of at least 6 or 12 month. This way you will ensure stable running of your business processes and safer operational continuity for your company / organization.

No, you do not need to buy license to install and run MedTracS. We offer MedTracS in a subscription model based on a contract between your company / organization and us as MedTracS software and service provider.

Yes! We strongly believe so. We offer MedTracS at attractive rates, as a complete value package which takes into account the specific needs and expectations of each client. MedTracS can be installed and run on one or many end user terminals. MedTracS will enable you to process varying levels of FMD transaction volumes, from very low to very high. Moreover, MedTracS can be used as a long term, permanent FMD solution, and to this end, we will take care of any relevant regulatory or technological changes in the future.

Whether you are a pharmaceutical wholesaler, hospital or pharmacy, we offer MedTracS in pricing schemes which take into account specifics of client segments and expectations of clients.

Yes, we strongly value and reward customer trust and loyalty. We build long term and trust based relationships with our clients which span many years. To this end, we offer preferential terms and conditions as well as attractive pricing to our long term clients.

Yes, we will issue you a VAT invoice.

If you have not found an answer to your specific question, please send us your inquiry in our contact form or by email, or get in touch with us directly by phone


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